About Us

       Our story started like every great invention,­ by mistake! The inventor, a young man named Meni, loved to drink coffee with a bar of chocolate on the side. One morning while he was enjoying the last precious piece of chocolate accidently a small piece fell in to his coffee and floated for a short time! In that moment it struck him – why not combine the two? As an artist Meni tried to create beautiful things from seemingly ordinary objects. After countless tests he has created a unique blend of art and chocolate as a coffee topper, which we named “Topperfino”.

        Our Topperfino is made from a premium Belgian dark chocolate finished with an unique edible design. When our Topperfino is placed on a steaming cup of Joe it transforms a plain looking cup of coffee into a work of coffee art. The delicately molded Topperfino then melts which releases an amazing aroma that makes every sip unforgettable.

        We handcraft each Topperfino and pack it with love in an individually wrapped carrier specially made to protect it until you open it for your indulgence.

       The best Topperfino experience will be on a coffee with Crèma on-top such as Latte or Cappuccino , yet it can be enjoyed also on Hot Chocolate and even a morning Oatmeal. 

      The Topperfino will make a great coffee gift to anyone you care for, on any occasion especially the holidays.

      Now the Topperfino story is yours, share it with passion and enjoy the moments.